Fitness First ‘Raise The Standard’ UK Conference

From the success of the Global Launch, the Fitness First UK team asked Incredible Management to organise, host, and run their specific re-brand launch eight weeks later.  Inspired by the Fitness First Global launch, the idea was that Incredible Management organise the conference using both the Renaissance Hotel and Tottenham Court Road Fitness First Gym. The brief? Keep it simple.

So goes the way of best laid plans. Excited by further London-based possibilities, the client decided that the 24 hour conference should take place across no less than 6 venues, meaning that as well as being based at the hotel and showcasing the new look gym, dinner would be held at the British Library, St Pancreas was to host another dawn workout and the wrap-up would take place at the Oxo Tower. All this on the Christmas run-in’s busiest day. Not simple.

However, what fun. Key to getting it right, to having it run smoothly, and so remain relaxed, enjoyable and meaningful, was making sure that Incredible Management was two or three paces ahead of every step of the game. Solutions: fast cars, great planning and thinking on toes – plus the ability to keep calm and carry on at top speed.

For us, a high octane urban adventure; for the client, another hugely valuable part of the Fitness First’s re-branding program. Now a working template for rolling out similar country-based launches, the UK conference has proven a real success, both home and abroad.

Fitness First ‘Raise The Standard’ Global Conference

With Andy Cosslett – once of the Intercontinental Hotel Group, now Fitness First’s CEO – responsible for coordinating the fitness and health giant’s plans for getting back up to competitive speed, Incredible Management was delighted to be offered the opportunity to work on such an interesting and challenging project.

Brought in to help imagine, structure and manage Fitness First’s 2014 London-based global relaunch, Incredible Management was charged with assisting Andy Cosslett with the task of introducing his international and largely handpicked 120 strong team to his plans for turning the brand around.

Entitled Raise The Standard, and fashioned around Fitness First’s repositioned aim to be fitness leaders whose role is to inspire people to go further in life, it was to be a proper heart-and-soul type conference; redefining the Fitness First brand. With brands being a core theme of the conference, Incredible Management managed to persuade Mini to allow us to kick start the conference at its showrooms on Park Lane.

Mini, of course, is the revivalist company par excellent, so getting the venue in itself was something of a coup, but having its brand manager share with delegates Mini’s own extraordinary story was the icing on the cake and set the tone perfectly for leaving aboard specially commissioned red Routemaster buses, for the Renaissance Hotel, and another 24 hours of breakouts, heart-to-hearts and hardcore strategy talk. Highlights were many, but ought to include a crack-of-dawn fitness workout on the Eurostar platform at St Pancreas Station, the brand’s new logo reveal at King’s Place, and the moment, during a shared stories of excellence dinner, when one delegate, a power lifter, hoisted a male colleague above her head. It really was that relaxed; and that much fun.

Citing as perfect the mix of entertainment and work opportunities, the client was delighted with the launch. Feedback from delegates was excellent: everyone left feeling inspired - as well as utterly clear as to the ambitions of the new Fitness First.