IHG Voco Launch

Five years since working with IHG, we were invited to pitch on an event launch for a new hotel brand.   Incredible Management were successful in the pitch and briefed on Voco, the new hotel brand and its upcoming launch event specifically targeting press and potential owners.  With just five weeks to locate a venue, produce and source assets to showcase the new portfolio that is Voco, there was a lot to do!  Incredible Management suggested the beautiful white space that is Saatchi Gallery for the event, a blank canvas to tell the Voco story, work began on creating assets including a 3m x 4.5m library of Voco books, a bedroom, bathroom, bar area and design cabinets showcasing the new brand.  The event was a huge success with potential licences from new owners following this impactful launch.

IHG ‘Leading to Win’ Berlin

Our most recent conference for IHG was the Global Finance Team, Leading to Win Conference in March.  250 delegates from IHG offices all over the world united at the InterContinental Hotel in Berlin.  

Delegates were able to take in the culture and rich history of Berlin as Incredible Management sourced off site venues including the PanAm lounge, transporting guests straight back to the 1960’s, and an evening at Baerensaal (old town hall), a stunning building right in the heart of Berlin.  

This conference had a number of complex breakouts, one of which saw groups of delegates speeding around Berlin, either in a 1960's Trabant vehicle, (the risk of breaking down being over 50% with one Trabant not even able to leave the hotel) taxis and on foot, on a mission to complete tasks set earlier in the conference.  Those who stayed behind at the hotel took over learning the smooth operations of running a hotel which included making the perfect cappuccino, omelette, setting up banqueting tables and hotel bedrooms.

This conference was a first for IHG Europe, in testing a new conference app, SpotMe, where individual communication was sent direct to each delegate together with presentations from main keynote over the three days.  The complex logisitics and SpotMe technology all came together to make this conference the best Global Finance have done to date.

IHG ‘Winning in Europe’ Dublin

Having proved our mettle during our first event for IHG in Farnborough, when we helped turn an enormous and challenging project into something very special, Incredible Management has been at the forefront of every one of InterContinental Hotel Group’s (IHG) executive meetings in Europe, Middle East and Africa since 2008.

Building on the success of Cairo and Farnborough, IHG was keen to create something similarly engaging, only this time in Dublin, weaving meetings, experiential workshops and tradeshows into a single giant three day conference.

Key to IHG’s plans for this particular conference, was the idea that several large scale 'happenings' be incorporated into the event’s main flow, the aim being to create a sense of the unexpected, of awe and fun.

So, while at a glance, the structure of the conference looks reasonably traditional (with Incredible Management handling everything from set design and build, to video production, content development and show control)  the IHG story was further enriched by a number of vignettes.  These included a hugely popular Irish band on the first evening, a flash mob event the second day, a Guinness Storehouse party, and a finale that included children integrated into a spectacular Lord of the Dance stage production. Tightly choreographed, multi-layered, both festival and conference, IHG was able to have its cake – and eat it.

This was the first time IHG brought its European-only owners, managers and corporate colleagues together, under one roof. The success of the conference is reflected, we believe, in the record numbers of attendees that joined us and their individual post-event survey scores.

IHG ‘EMEA 2010 Conference’ Cairo

The 2010 Cairo conference, designed as a means of showcasing the potential for organising meetings in IHG's emerging market portfolio, presented an entirely new and sometimes highly amusing set of challenges.

Charged with designing, planning and producing both the four day conference and the spectacular Pyramids sited finale, Incredible Management organised a VIP home-to-site extravaganza under sometimes difficult circumstances, chief of which included dealing with a phenomenally high alcohol tax, negotiating with the local entertainments industry and ensuring that our dancers were not arrested for exposing their bellies within touching distance of the Pyramids. Our remit including international travel, accommodation, conference staffing, content development & management, technical facilities and a gargantuan bespoke Bedouin tent in the middle of the desert.  This was another fast moving, large scale production – only abroad. Crash and burn odds? We more than managed.

Truth is, everything went very right. The conference was enormously successful, an eye opening hit - in terms of creativity, production, content and logistics - with almost 100% feedback scores from attendees, this conference has since served as the model for the company’s ambitious non-American top tier meetings.

‘European Conference & Holiday Inn European re-launch’ Farnborough

Asked not only to produce the 2008 European Conference, but also to manage the launch of the Holiday Inn rebrand, this, Incredible Management’s first contract with IHG, was everything a great project should be: complex, deeply creative, hugely rewarding.

With just 3 months from drawing board to the weeklong 3000 delegate conference and Holiday Inn relaunch, we designed, built and produced an event that set the seal on our relationship with IHG. Extremely challenging, very fast moving, it involved not just the managing of the conference’s content, but also of a 500 strong production and catering crew.

The facts: It was enormous. It was complex. It was fun. It would prove to be the biggest rebranding exercise ever conducted by IHG.